Things that remain true

There are two phrases that always seem to remain true in life. The first…Disneyland is the happiest place on earth. Truly. It is. The second: kids say the darndest things.

I think Disneyland is darn near perfection. I love going. My kids are the PERFECT ages (and heights) for DL. They are still as excited as ever for the rides, characters, parades…even lines don’t seem to be a hinder on the fun, and now we don’t have to cart around diapers, sippy cups, wipeys and silkys. See? perfection I tell you! My kids are tall which is key in the DL fun factor. My son has been able to go on every ride but Indiana Jones since he was 2.5. Now he goes on every one. He loves the thrill! He did however say that The Tower of Terror was the worst ride ever b/c he couldn’t understand why someone would enjoy something so terrifying. This made made me laugh…which brings me to my second truth. Kids say the darndest things!
I was cuddling with B. She can be so sweet and tender and affectionate. She isn’t always, that’s for dang sure, but she CAN be. So…we are cuddling. She turns to me and says “I love cuddling. And especially with my family. And not dirt, or metal, or a bar or wood chips and especially not a stranger.” I’m glad she draws the line somewhere and that I made her good list.

6 Comments on “Things that remain true

  1. Kass, it seems you could go anywhere in the world with your family and it would be the happiest place on earth. Its not Disneyland that's perfect, its your family :)Tom


  2. Amen to all of that! Disneyland is awesome, Kids are funny, and I LOVE your daughter at the Daycare… She is so sweet, mellow, artistic, a good friend, (in fact I point her out to MY 5 year old and say \”That is such a sweet girl… go make friends with her.\”)


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