Family Family and more Family!

So here’s the deal. I love family. I love visiting with family. I love having family visit, staying up late, eating junk food, playing games watching movie and just catching up. I am going to be getting all this and a more this next week.

My sister in law Heather (Brian’s youngest sibling) is tying the knot, getting the old ball and chain, doing the most wonderful awful thing in life…she is getting married. 😀 She met an awesome guy who has a great personality, fun family, good looks, his head is on right just to name a few. We love him and I think he’s going to make such a great addition to the family. So with all this greatness comes the family.

There are 22 people who are coming to visit. 22 people who are coming to stay at MY house for the wedding added to the 4 who already reside here. I am a little worried about my sanity. I am not a clean freak. I don’t have my home in immaculate condition. I don’t have things perfectly organized BUT!!! and yes there is a BUT I do like things my way in my home. Haha. Is that a double standard? I understand my organized chaos and I am happy in that chaos.

I don’t know what my exact plan of attack is going to be. Do I clean clean clean??? or do I detach and just leave it be? I remember one Christmas while visiting at Brian’s house, it was after dinner one night there were dishes in the sink, things to sweep up, counters to wipe down, stuff to put away and Brian’s mom was sitting playing a game with her kids. This is different than how I grew up. My mom had that mop out so fast after dinner you were lucky to not get your feet wet.  I asked her “Are you ok leaving this mess? How do you do that without getting frazzled?” and she responded “I refuse to let that mess get in the way of my fun. I have all my family here and that mess can just wait.” I loved this outlook and this is what I am going to try and adopt this upcoming week.

There is going to be a lot of bodies, lots of pairs of shoes, lots of messes and I don’t want it to let it get in the way of my fun. The mess can wait. Yes, the mess can just wait.

I’ll let you know it goes.

(this is a picture of said sister in law Heather. I adore her.)

5 Comments on “Family Family and more Family!

  1. If I were you, I would hire the cleaning ladies (I gave you their cell phone number already) to clean before and after they come, and don't worry about the rest.


  2. Have the best time at the wedding and with all your company! We hosted that many people in our home over Christmas and it was fun and exhausting. Paper products are your friends 🙂 And yes, the mess can wait! Miss you and your amazing class!


  3. Kass…Amy Napier here. Idaho chick who loves motherhood, blogging, the gospel, and Zumba. Ah, what a joyful thing to find your blog. As you know, I LOVE documenting my life for my kiddos. We have just moved to Arizona and are settling in. http://www.amyjoe14.blogspot.comGlad to know all is well with you!


  4. I don't remember saying that Kass, but so glad I did and you listened! You and Brian were wonderful hosts to our mob and it was a memorable week to say the least! We all had a great time! Love you!


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