Emily’s home!

It’s been one of the busiest weeks of my LIFE!!! I had my entire family on Brian’s side staying at my house along with a few added friends for a week filled with family fun and activities.

 The start of all this madness was my sister in law’s return from her mission. Brian (my husband) is the 3rd of 6 children and Emily (sister returning from her mission) is the 5th. She is 22 and beautiful inside and out. She lived with Brian and I for about 4 months in between semesters at BYU Idaho and we got to be very close friends.

 I am the youngest of 5 in my family so I adopted Brian’s little siblings as my own. We talk about boys, they borrow my clothes (sometimes losing or ruining them as only little sister can-luckily this is something they have since grown out of haha) and I like to think they I am not an in law but one of the original bunch. 😀 Sometimes my mother in law will even introduce me as “my daughter Kass and her husband Brian” This makes me swell with pride and makes Brian wonder what kind of spell I have cast on his parents.

 In my faith-Mormon or Latter Day Saints as we refer to ourselves, many young men and women go and serve service missions. They sacrifice 2 years (for boys) or a year and a half (for girls) to teach people about Jesus, our religion, do service in the community and help where needed. They don’t use cell phones, no talking to family, boyfriends or girlfriends-only letters, no watching TV, going to movies…this is strictly time dedicated to serving others and teaching them of our faith.

My sister in law Emily just returned from her mission. She served in the blistering sun in Tempe Arizona and loved every minute of it. We all gathered at the SLC airport and anxiously waited for her to come down the escalator and into our arms to hug her. We weren’t alone. There were probably 6 other families waiting to do the exact same thing, waiting for their son or daughter to return and to be with them again. We decorated banners that the grandkids held and had “Welcome Home” balloons. We couldn’t wait!!!

 I remember doing this for my brothers. One brother served in Bogota, Colombia and another in Venezuela. This is where my love of Spanish music began. My brother Lee served in Colombia and shortly after his return we drove to California to visit my Dad’s mom and family. My dad served his mission in Uruguay and rule in our family was that the driver got to choose the music so as you would guess we listened to Spanish music all the way!!!

Little did I know this planted a seed in me, an interest in the Latin culture, the music and dance. Zumba didn’t exist then…had it I think I would have been one of the first Zumbatomic students.

 Seeing Emily was just like old times. She has a light about her. She shines and makes people happy around her. She is giving, kind, loving, fun and I can’t help but think she will make an exceptional wife and mother one day. With her beauty I bet it’ll be sooner than later. IF….if she finds a guy lucky enough to have her and he will have to pass the sister in law test from me. 😀

 The picture above is my siblings. My dad in center (when going through cancer treatment) my brother Jesse who served in Venezuela on the left, then my brother Mikey, my brother on the right Lee who served in Colombia my sister Emily and ME 😀 This family picture is so dear to me as it’s the last one while my dad was here. Love that man. so much.


3 Comments on “Emily’s home!

  1. what part of Colombia did your brother serve in? I am from Barranquilla and we often go down to visit. My husband served in Bogota North. You have a very beautiful fam!


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