Texas Review

WOW!! What a weekend. I had a blast in Texas but this was not all fun and games. 😀

Here’s the weekend review and how it shook down with my Texans. My friend Sadie moved to Texas shortly after she got married two years ago. When I approached with master classes in Texas I knew just who to call. Was she up for the challenge??? Was she up for hanging out with me and road tripping through Texas? This wasn’t going to be all fun this was work and sticking to a strict schedule so we could accomplish all we needed to but YES SHE WAS! She was indeed.

 I picked Sadie up at 2:20pm Friday. We made a quick and satisfying stop at the Valero around the corner. Filled up on: Diet Dr. Pepper (a great road trip staple), Subway (split a footlong ham loaded with veggies), trail mix and gum. I have a thing for gum. I believe in having fresh breath and it’s a must when I teach b/c I don’t want dry mouth and lots of teaching was ahead of me.

 I checked my itinerary…3 hours and 40 minutes to San Angelo. Brian had made me a detailed list of the weekend: what times I needed to leave, estimated drive times, addresses, names, contact info of hosts…I married up. I definitely married up. This man is so organized, patient, loving, fun, awesome, not to mention irresistibly handsome it’s ridiculous.

 Sadie and I entertained ourselves well on our road trip. We talked about husbands, marriage, religion, kids, convention review (she didn’t make it this year) Zumba and more Zumba. We laughed and laughed about funny things along the way. Sadie makes me laugh. Hard.

 We arrived in San Angelo right on time. I was warmly greeted by my hosts who were willing to help with whatever was needed and ready to get the party started. I was escorted to my dressing room where my name was on the door in sparkling letters and there were welcome gifts, snacks, flowers, Diet Dew…and marines, yes marines guarding my door!!! Can you believe it? I need these guys at home!!! Can you imagine all I could get done if I didn’t have my kids barging in all the time? JK. that would make me a bad mom if my kids needed Marine approval to enter.

 Show time. San Angelo was awesome!!!! The energy was off the charts! The stage, lighting, confetti blasters. I had a wonderful time. It’s while teaching classes like this that I am reminded about what a powerful bond we have through Zumba. Here I am a mom from Utah now teaching a class in Texas and sharing my passion for fun, exercise, connection, sweat! 😉 We had just enough time for pictures and goodbyes then we had to hurry and get on the road for Austin.

We drove and drove and drove. This stretch of the drive seemed a lot longer. Probably b/c it was nearing 2:45am when we finally arrived. The roads were small county roads and were littered with animals. I am not kidding. I counted 2 armadillo, one fox, 10 dear and what appeared to be an owl. I had my hands at 10 and 2 and full alert so I didn’t get us into a major pickle.

When I mentioned before that we were on small county roads this also meant that there was no gas stations around. I was nearing empty. There was no hope in sight and then finally when I was sure we would never see a city light again we found a gas station. phew!!! I almost peed my pants too so this came as a relief in more ways than one.

 We got to Austin. Checked in. As we were getting ready for bed Sadie realized she no contact solution. So off to Wally World we went and spent too much time and money but oh well. Once it’s to that point, you’re tired, your defenses are gone and you end up purchasing all sorts of Walmart stuff, all while giggling through the isles. Hehehe…

Woke up 9:30am…time to get to the next stop. Austin was awesome!!! The fun energy of this class was sooo great! I love when people are singing along, having fun, dancing to the beat and forgetting their worries. This is what Zumba is about. Sadie manned the ZumbaWear table and got me to where I needed to be on time.

Brian was calling and checking up on us to make sure I wasn’t forgetting what time it was and getting side tracked. You’d think they guy knew me or something. haha. He knows me all too well. Time efficiency isn’t my strong suit.

I was sad to have to leave so soon to get to my next stop b/c the people in Austin were kind, gracious, sweet, and fun fun fun!

 Back in car. Stop at the gas station, fill up on snacks, Diet Dr. Pepper and then quickly found a Subway to eat at again. Sound familiar? yeah, Sadie and I are pretty low key, easy to please and love an affordable meal. We again split a footlong but this time- oven roasted chicken breast with added avocado..yummm…

 I tend to have trip theme songs. The repeating songs this time were “On the road again” and “Here I go again on my own” I’m sure Sadie Lady was about to kill me. Do you remember when Oprah and Gale took a trip and Oprah wanted to kill Gale for singing in the car? This was us.

 “Houston we have a problem.” While headed to Houston we realized that we were not up to par on our traveling skills so we decided to not go as planned to the hotel first but go straight to the venue instead. It’s a good thing we did. Sadie my trusty navigator and I were lost. We couldn’t find the place to save our lives. I should have done what I usually do and stop for directions but decided to just do as a man does and try and find it ourselves. No offense men, you know you do this. 😀

After being guided by my host to the venue we arrived, ran upstairs and got spruced up with just enough time to jump onstage. I should have been exhausted. My third 90 minute master class in 24 hours BUT this was not the case. Everyone was so infectious there that I couldn’t help but feed off their energy and this class went by sooo fast for me! Thank you Houston for ending my trip with a party! I had a variety of songs and flavors in this class and I love when I see people in the crowd who know the routines I am doing.

I did some songs from my convention sessions(Dancin through the Decades and Crazy Country), ZIN 36 and ZIN 40. It’s the most surreal thing to see them knowing my choreography. I feel so blessed to have had these opportunities. It’s a dream come true. Really.

I had some visitors there as well. ZJs Alena and Igrid did a song on stage as well as instructors from the area. We ended with a bang. After this class we were “On the road again” and this time we felt like rigger mortis had set in. I could hardly more! Too much stop and go, stop and go…I knew the remedy. We stopped at CVS and loaded up on treats. Candy corn and honey roasted peanuts saved the day. it’s a tasty combo that’s reminiscent of a Snickers bar. Yum diddaly ummm… We then google mapped our way to The Cheesecake Factory. There we talked and talked about the classes and more talking on life. I think we stayed for two hours.

Next stop The Marriott. Nothing sounded better then kicking up my tired (and probably not so sweet smelling) feet and relax. So…that’s what I did. We had to be on the road again at 8:30am in time for me to get Sadie back home and myself to the airport with rental car returned so there wasn’t much sleeping in-especially when you finally close your eyes at close to 3am. Rise and shine! 8:00am. We hit up Micky Dees for fruit and yogurt parfaits and headed to San Antonio.

Our last trip took us about 3 hours and 45 minutes and then it was as if the skies opened up and dumped enough rain the make up for Texas’ “100 days over 100 degrees”. I was hydroplaning all over (theme song changed to “slip sliding away” by I think John Lenon) and sloshing through the parking lot but I made it. Well not quite. Just when I thought I was on the home stretch I forgot to fill up the car with gas. AGHHHHH!!!!! So…u-turn and back to the gas station. Filled up with gas while being poured on-lucky for me my pump was uncovered. I looked like a wet dog. But…even with these minor hiccups I made it back to the airport and was heading back home.

I said my goodbyes to my sweet, fun, hilarious, supportive Sadie and checked in. I was pooped. When I get tired I feel like I lose all personality. I was dull as can be on that flight. Haha. I was also passed out in my seat (thank you for upgrades to first class) but all those first class fliers who actually look first class probably wondered what the zonked out, hobo looking girl in Zumba sweats was doing in their section. Hey…I have earned these miles. haha.

Home at last. Brian and the kids went up to the family house at Bear Lake to spend time with his parents and some siblings while I was gone and he had timed it out to meet me in Salt Lake on his way home with the kids. This was perfect. I missed him. I missed the kids. I couldn’t wait to see them.
We met for an early dinner and then finished our drive home.

 I loved my trip to Texas. Sadie and I survived all that driving and any time you can mix work with friends you have a winning combo. Thanks Sadie for being my companion on this adventure. Thank you to all my hosts in Texas who really BROUGHT it!!!!, thank you to all those who attended and showed their Zumba love, showered me with kindness and the biggest thank you goes to Brian my love, who holds down the fort while I am gone and still loves me. No one makes me feel like you do babe. 😀 The luckiest girl ever! (pic of Bri and I at Bugs Life at California Adventure-haven’t uploaded my Texas pics yet)

 Back to family, laundry, dishes, carpool, kids’ homework, and getting over this cold. Nasal decongestant is my best friend right now.



2 Comments on “Texas Review

  1. Talk about a wholesome person. It was such a pleasure attending your masterclass. It was my first and will not be missing any in the future, you were awesome. I am only a few months into ZUMBA but I'm so ADICTED! Not all there yet with all the moves but hopefully soon. : )


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