Today may be better after all.

So…Here’s the latest for today. I was in a funk this morning. Nothing in particular made me feel this way. Wait I lied, one of the contributing factors is the fact that my face feels like a bowling ball b/c of stinking sinus pressure and it is making me off balance.

I had to teach and even though I didn’t feel up to it, didn’t want to get a sub b/c I really like to teach when I am in town. I am gone enough and don’t want to lose my classes here in Utah. These are my people, my friends, my students who know me and don’t make me feel self conscious or too corny when I over do the air trumpet, guitar, trombone, or fiddle. Hahaha.

What added to my funk was my daughter. She was on a kick. It was PINK day today at school and she was insisting on wearing pink shoes or at least shoes with pink in the design. She had a pink flower in her hair, pink shirt, pink skirt, but that wasn’t sufficient for PINK day.

I offered her many options (sad but true, there are more than one pair that could have worked for todays criteria) One pair has been set aside for church. I need to have at least one option on Sunday that doesn’t look like she’s been wearing them out plowing the fields. Option number 2 was too big. “go get some thick socks on” that didn’t fix the problem. Option number 3 was too tight now that she had “thick” socks on. She was squealing and whining and I had a class to get to.

Anyway…after I taught I felt SOOOO great! I love what I do. LOVE IT!!! After a spray tan (thank you Jamie for my Instant Ego Boost) I was able to go to lunch with my hubby and some business friends and it was great. Adult conversation is a dream when you have been dealing with daughter melt downs. Top off lunch with a McDonalds vanilla cone and there is nothing I can’t handle. 😀

After carpool, dance, cubscouts and errands, my kids are doing homework, and I am going to listen to the latest Mega Mix while I fix dinner. I am not a great cook. I don’t do fancy dinners or particularly like to cook, I am pretty easy to please on food and it’s just seems like another thing I need to do but alas I have joined DREAM DINNERS. Dream Dinners you ask??? yes, Dream Dinners is a place you can go a prepare ahead of time delicious meals you put in your freezer to make your life more simple when dinner time arrives. Just what we need. With a little assembly you can eat delicious “home cooked” meals that aren’t my staple of pigs in a blanket.  Last night was teriyaki burgers with pineapple salsa and tonight is Steak Gargonzola. This is how we roll. 😀

After dinner we are going to see Paranorman for a fun family activity. Not a Disney classic but good wholesome entertainment.


5 Comments on “Today may be better after all.

  1. OMG… My kids are like that… every morning its something about how they dress themselves and they usually end up leaving the house with what they like instead of what I tell them to change Adult Convo is the BEST stress reliever!! I didn't even notice anything was wrong with you today in class. Love your air trumpet, guitar, trombone, and fiddle!! I try to copy but not that coordinated like that. hehehe Thanks for a fun day, today!!


  2. Well that's a relief! and thank you Preta!!! I was feelign frazzled to the max THEN the music started and the smiles in the crowd make all the difference in the world.


  3. Glad I can contribute to making you feel happy!! Instant ego boost will always perk a lady up! Just know that when you're having your meltdowns with Bridg, I'm the same frazzled mess you are dealing with the same thing with Mylie and her clothes every morning!! That is why when I come to dance with you, you make everything better!! Good thing we have Zumba, and our friendships in our lives, right?? Love you girl! Thanks for blessing my life 🙂


  4. Our third is a Princess & she is 15 months. I can only imagine how this will go before school one day as my boys are so easy with mismatched jeans & t's. I even have to make them match things or make them take off the navy shirt with the black shorts. Lol!…I need a spray tan.


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