Optimism is such a powerful tool. Seeing the silver lining. Finding strength and good in the world is something I strive to do. I admire those who do this well. This isn’t easy.

 I remember when my dad was diagnosed with cancer. He didn’t complain, not even once. He looked at this conflict or hardship as an opportunity for growth. Do you do this? Do you see that there is something to learn with each trying time? I had many days where I felt my world was crashing in on me, that the sadness was too much.

 Right now I am in Pennsylvania watching Inside Edition while winding down after a show on QVC selling Zumba DVDs and a master class. The episode showed a 26 year old girl Tisha who was born without arms who can do anything anyone else can do. She doesn’t let this hold her back. On this same episode Robin Robins took a video of herself in treatment for cancer. She is waiting to see if her bone marrow transplant she received from her sister will take. She is weak and sick and all she is saying is how blessed she is. What a pinnacle of strength. How would you be in these situations? I wonder if I would complain and feel sorry for myself or look at it in a different light, a chance to inspire and grow? I fear I wouldn’t be so strong.

 My dad saw the good in life and in people. He found something good in everyone. He made everyone feel good, unique, needed, with purpose. He taught his children to see the good in people. His life motto was to love all people, in all places, at all times.

Life may throw us some serious curve balls. There are times when people may say something, may do something, may hurt us in some way. What can we learn from this?

When you look up optimism in the dictionary you get this answer: 1.a disposition or tendency to look on the more favorable side of events or conditions and to expect the most favorable outcome. 2. the belief that good ultimately predominates over evil in the world.

 What a great way to live. I want to be more like this. This is the way to be.


3 Comments on “Optimism

  1. My sister in law was the same way when she was diagnosed with cancer. She pretty much couldn't bend her left leg and could hardly put any pressure on it, plus had huge scars all up her leg from surgeries. She wore her baldness proud and didn't let the cancer rule her, still doing everything she did before it hit. I admire her for a lot of things, but most importantly for her strength. My brother too, he has had some rough years and through it all he stayed strong. I must say as outsiders we too must remain strong for those in these situations love our support. I know you have a STRONG foundation with your family, friends, and Zumba community Kass that its hard to see you as anything but happy and upbeat. Keep smiling, you brighten the days of so many and just think of all the people you impact without even knowing it 🙂


  2. I try to be an optimist, and most of the time I'm able to be positive. I'd like to say that I would still be an optimist, even in those types of situations, but you never know until you are in them. You seem like a very optimistic person, and very inspiring as well!


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