Morning madness

I am on my way home. Are you an Ozzy Osbourn fan? I’m singing “Mama I’m coming home” and I can’t wait to see Bri and the kids.

What looked like a rough start to my trip home ended up quite nice. Great in fact and for the following reasons.

My flight was booked without my standard window request as well as without my sky miles number. Now before you start calling me “Diva” consider this: I travel so often that the window seat makes all the difference in the world! Sleep is a must, my time to catch up. I can’t be bobble heading the whole five hours ahead of me, AND sky miles is how I get those awesome upgrades to first class if available and free bags.

After talking with the ticket lady when getting my boarding pass I was skeptical I was going to get a seat change at this point. It was a full flight and nothing she could do at this point. Ok, that’s ok. This is why I travel with a pillow and blanket. If I hurry, really hurry I may be able to get a change at the gate.

I rushed like a mad woman to gate D15. I possibly would have used the “batt my eyes and smile approach” to get a better seat but due to the fact that they’re swollen and bloodshot I didn’t think this would fly.

Turns out-It’s a great day after all. I’m upgraded, window seat, and got a yogurt parfait to boot. Need I say more? Mama I’m comin home! Better yet “Kids, your Mama is comin home!”

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