Beautiful Utah

 I was born in Concord California. Growing up I wanted to be a Cali girl. I love the sunny weather, the beaches, boys on skateboards or surf boards, it seemed perfect. My family moved to Utah from California when I was 8 to be closer to family and have a change of pace.

I was not a fan of the snow or colder weather and still freeze but one thing for certain is I have grown to love Utah especially because it’s a wonderful place to raise a family.  My favorite time of the year is the fall. Don’t get me wrong I love summer with boating, swimming, vacations and kids out of school but there is a certain relief that comes with Fall. It cools down, you can snuggle up, go for drives up the canyon and see the leaves turning, it’s just beautiful.

I was looking through old pictures of what my family and I were doing exactly one year from today and we were up at Sundance Ski Resort having what we call “family night”. We drove up to look at the leaves-bright red, yellow and orange and just enjoying each other’s company and the beauty of nature. This is the same Sundance where Brian proposed to me over 11 years ago so it holds a special meaning to us as well and we love to drive to the exact spot and retell the story to the kids.

I wasn’t sure what our plan was this evening for family night (we tend to have it on Monday nights) but after seeing these pictures I know just what to do.

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