Vacation-body style???

I have taken a vacation. I needed it. It was a good break, felt nice, but it’s time to get back on the wagon.

 Yes folks, I have taken a break from eating good and sensible portions. I have relaxed and enjoyed cookies, crumb cake, and ice cream and that was just yesterday! I have seen the works of these efforts on the scale. Although this break was needed, (and won’t be my last I’m sure), the X amount of pounds spread around the body is not creating more happiness for me and with me feeling like junk from a cold and cough I feel enough is enough and I want to feel healthier all around.

 So, with the “diet starts tomorrow” attitude I have had for the past month (or 3) how will I get myself out of this lazy funk? I remember watching Charles Barkley on Sports Center talking about his weight loss and he said “When I eat junk, I get into a funk and it doesn’t make me feel like a hunk”. Well said Charles. Well said. I am going to adopt this mantra -minus the hunk part. I’ll replace that with a sexy woman word once I can think of one. “and makes me feel like I’m sunk” ??? Hmm…I’ll keep at it. 

Anyway, I’ll be reporting on this healthier me throughout the week and weeks to come. I am going to stop eating earlier and stop eating foods that make me feel like I’m in a slump. If this doesn’t make me feel better physically and it’s just this cold that’s getting to me than bring on the brownies baby!

 Family night report- My sister in law is deathly sick, pregnant with her and my brother’s 4th baby. Instead of heading up to the canyon for family night (had to take a literal rain check b/c of the weather) we ended up with 2 more kids and stayed inside and made oatmeal cookies instead. Twas a great night anyway.

4 Comments on “Vacation-body style???

  1. \”When I eat junk, I get into a funk, and it makes me feel like a CHUNK!\” haha 😉 I've definitely been there… almost every weekend!


  2. Read the last 3 words of 2 Nephi 9:51It's interesting how we see ourselves vs how others see us. You, your mom and Emily have been truly inspiring to me ever since I starting going to Body Firm religiously back in the mid 90's. I came across a term a while back, while struggling with the scale myself. The term…a skinny fat person. I find myself constantly on a diet, working out, and then beating myself up when I eat treats. Perhaps you can relate. 🙂 Since I also diet and love treats, I found and tried an amazing breakfast recipe on pinterest seriously, so good, and diet friendly.


  3. Hi Kass, I love reading your blog, ever since I attended ZIN Day in Wellington, NZ where you presented I have been a huge fan! It would be great to know your recommendations for what you find are the best 'meals' and food before teaching or during a busy period – I know some days after teaching I just feel absolutely exhausted and I know a lot must be to do to my hydration levels, food intake etc. Thought it might be a good blog subject :)Take careAnge


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