Much needed update. :D

Life just gets busier. I keep thinking “after this event things will slow down” but you know what??? it doesn’t and there is stress and beauty in that. I don’t think we are here to stay stagnant, no. We can do more than that. Pushing ourselves to develop our skills, work on our downfalls, become better people, learn from our mistakes, this is what life is about.

Here are the things that have kept me busy the past little bit.

I needed a family trip, time along with “my” people, my little crew Brian, D and B for a few days. So we did just that. Brian booked us up at a hotel in Park City and we had a wonderful few days up there.

Park City Utah is beautiful-have you been? We have the slogan “Utah-greatest snow on earth” Many people visit PC for the great skiing and snoboarding but this beauty is year round. Fall in PC is something you’d see on a post card. Trees of every shade, golden yellow, greens, reds on huge mountains…It’s so pretty.

Our first stop in this beautiful town was Alpine Slides. I went on the Alpine Slides as a kid for family reunions. This brought back a lot of memories. Fun fun and more fun. You take the ski lift up the mountain and then in a sled, race back down in what is reminiscent of a bobsled track. You feel a little out of control yet eager to press the lever forward to accelerate and gain speed.  We topped off this adrenaline rush with some Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory chocolate. yummmm…..

After this adventure the hot tub was calling our names. We checked in to the hotel and played at the pool for quite some time til fingers and toes were raisins. Mmmm….snack time. Off to Smith’s for some unhealthy snacks we would soon regret as our tummies ached from the oh so tasty sugar.

While we were out we ran into some friends I have made through Zumba. Zumba is that strange “hobby” “lifestyle” “escape” whatever you want to call it, where you become instant friends with those you meet. The Phinneys were my instant friends and seeing them in their home town seemed to be meant to be-we have kids the same ages and with us not having much of a plan, they volunteered to show us a great time. We met the next day for bowling, food, “Scarecrow Walk” (a great display of scarecrows made from local clubs, companies, families…kids LOVED it) and visiting. Thank you Lisa and Chris!

After this adventure the hot tub was calling our names once again. What I wouldn’t give for a hot tub at my house! I think I could possibly become the most unproductive person with a hot tub. All I would want to do is soak my sore, freezing body all day. Note to self-probably should not buy one as I have children to raise and a family to be with.

We stayed one more night there in PC. Slept in for one more day, vegged around in sweats, ate yummy food, watched movies, laughed, talked…heaven.

This weekend was fall break for our kids. I had an event close by today and so we stayed local instead of the majority of  Utah families which I am certain all went to Disneyland. The event went GREAT! With the traveling that I do I LOVE when I get to “work” from home-Utah, greatest snow on earth! 😀

I had two special helpers today on stage, my very own munchkins. They stole the show!!! Stay tuned-I’ll tell you all about it! pics and videos to come!

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