Partying for a cause.

My Kids In Action

This weekend was special for me. I had been asked to do an event here in Utah with another instructor from Salt Lake City to benefit Susan G Komen-breast cancer society. I have a close friend affected by breast cancer who was there dancing along with us. She is a fighter and survivor in every sense of the word. Most of the participants dressed in various shades of pink, shaking it for a good cause…it was awesome. 
The class was held in the old Nordstrom space at the mall. They moved out so WE moved in! 😀 They brought in a huge stage, sound system, lighting, the whole nine yards. There were vendors from the mall selling their goods as well as other health promoting vendors and workout clothing. It was great.
Getting ready for this day I knew of two little bodies I wanted on stage with me, my little munchkins. I brought them in during one of our prep meetings, showed them what the room was going to look like and then told them what I was willing to give them for their performance. This was not an easy negotiation. These kids know how to get what they want. Hmm…wonder where they get that from? 😉
The night before the big day I set out D and B’s ZumbAtomic clothes adorned with additional “pink” for breast cancer society and had them practice. I turned up their song and watched them dance. Where did their smiles go? Where did their performance go? I gave them a friendly reminder that if they got up with me and didn’t smile or have big movements that they would NOT be getting their money. 
D has always been dead dog serious about ZumbAtomic. When I would teach, he was the sweatiest kid out their, focusing on the moves and trying his best. He has recently started taking hip hop and has an added level of dedication to the sport. B is such a high energy girl. She is bursting at the seems with personality and in her little dance concerts she does, she radiates confidence and happiness but when we walked into the space last Saturday she froze up. She got nervous and scared. Oh boy. 
I was on stage doin’ my thing and my husband (who hung out all day with me selling my Zumbawear and supporting me…what a guy! right?) came back stage and told me that B wasn’t wanting to perform anymore. He told me he’d work on her. Before you knew it I saw her back in the crowd dancing with a smile alongside her brother, my sister, brother in law and my mom. Yes, Zumba is a family affair. 
“Does Brian take my Zumba class” you might ask? Nope, he sure doesn’t . He comes and supports, sells clothes, keeps things in order but Brian is a man who knows his strengths and Zumba is not one of them. I let him take care of all the business side of things. Did you see that??? I “let” him. PLEASE! Brian has a full time job-aside from his real full time job just keeping track of things for me. He is for sure my smarter, less stressed, organized, more patient and better half.  He is athletic-any sport he plays he’s quite good at but dancing is my thing. I’ll gladly keep one thing I’m better at.  
Go time for show time. Our song came on and they nailed it! I was so proud of them. I had to do a couple of “friendly” reminders to my son as I shouted “SHOW YOUR TEETH” because he was tight lipped smiling the whole time but besides that they were the highlight of the day! 
Doing what you love is one thing. Doing what you love for a good cause with the people you love and the family you adore??? Now, that right there is really living!

5 Comments on “Partying for a cause.

  1. Just what I needed today…Kass Martin Blog time!! I will admit I was behind and had several to catch up on!! I have been in a funk today and not sure why other than busy schedule with stress!! My 20 yr reunion is this weekend, the one that I have planned, pretty much by myself…so thank you Kass Martin for all your insight, joy, love, happiness, inspiration…I could go on here!! Hugs to you!! Miss you and can't wait til you get back to the Chi town area!!


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