Life is beautiful.

Interesting little tidbits of awareness this morning:

1. When traveling, check weather where you are heading. Fall is here, winter approaching and many destinations are much cooler than expected. I am in Michigan. I am freezing as I try and defrost the frozen dew on my car window. Now at the airport I just passed a fellow flyer in Ugg boots, a heavy coat and scarf. I’m in flip flops, workout pants and a thin Zumba wrap. I am ill prepared.

2. I realize my water bottle, courtesy of Pennock hospital, will be confiscated by TSA if I don’t quickly drink my liquids. I have a full stomach of water, I’m now rethinking the parfait I was going to buy. Scratch that-I’m now rethinking the SECOND parfait I was going to buy. I feel satisfied. One parfait will be sufficient. 😉 I am going to make this a ritual. Makes me think before I eat. Yes, I catch on slowly.

3. I am now on the hunt for the iPhone case that has the little wallet like attachment. Have you seen these? How handy is this?! I travel so much where I have my phone and photo ID in my pocket and this way I can keep them together. My boarding pass (via phone) and ID, credit card will now be together, in one place, and not at the bottom of my purse or black hole where everything seems to disappear. Seems like a dream!

4. Life is beautiful. Much to be grateful for. I am surrounded by amazing people and meet amazing people everywhere I go. After a long day of basic Zumba training and master class in a new town I now have familiar faces and friends in Michigan. Wonderful people. I then went to dinner with a fellow ZES (which we don’t usually get to do) which was a treat. Gabbed on the phone with the kids, Brian, sis in law, sis, friends…went to bed way too late and am now headed on a new adventure which I’ll update later. Super exciting.

Yes! Life is beautiful!

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