Weekend Review

This weekend has been somewhat of a different experience. I did my Basic Zumba® training in Michigan and then a master class that night with a TON of high energy Zumba® enthusiasts. Usually I would stay and do an additional training-a ZumbAtomic training or rather Zumba for kids training but I had a special event come up. Fast forward a few hours and I am now in Arkansas. What brought me to Arkansas? Well, keep reading and you will soon see.

There is an alliance making a difference in America’s children. This alliance is called “Alliance for a Healthier Generation”. They are in full swing making our elementary schools healthier and more active. What a great association! They have partnered up with the Clinton Foundation to further their pursuits in a healthier tomorrow and now they are partnering up with ZUMBA!

They are initiating short periods of activity throughout the day in schools with videos that demonstrate 3-5 minutes long workouts that schools across America will be playing regularly in their classes. I love this concept!

There is what they call a forum happening this weekend in Arkansas. Representatives from schools across the nation whether teachers, administrators, school lunch workers, principals as well as researchers, doctors, government representatives all coming together to set goals, see how far they’ve come and brainstorm on what’s coming up.

In this busy day I got the privilege of speaking about Zumba® and demonstrating what is to be expected from these videos soon to be playing on their screens at school. Teachers kicked off their heels, took off their business jackets and boogied with me. Also sharing the stage was non other than Billy Blanks of TaeBo. What a cool guy he is!!! WOW! I had a great time chatting with him and getting to know him. He’s awesome and yes-he has a successful company and fitness program but the man embodies strength, power, and taking charge of your own lives. He gave a great demonstration of how educators can help get kids attention and help kids take control of their lives, their health and their well being.

We were whisked away into another room, a “holding room” where we took these pics, chatted and waited to take pictures with the final speaker of the day President Bill Clinton. Secret service opened the door and ushered him in….I didn’t know what to say. This is the former president of the United States and I get to take a picture with him and be part of his organization in getting kids fit and America healthier.

I waited my turn, shook his hand, took a picture with him (will post later once I get it), introduced myself “Hi, I’m Kass Martin with Zumba” what he said next surprised me, “I want to Zumba just so I can wear the cool pants” gesturing to my Zumba cargo pants. Really??? Did Bill Clinton really just compliment my cargo pants? Yes he sure did. Haha. I am determined to get him and Hilary a pair so they can feel cool. 😉

I’m now alone in my hotel room getting ready for bed, unwinding after a very intense couple days. I have a class I am teaching the participants of the alliance tomorrow morning at 6 am. You read that correct 6 am. I don’t even know if my body knows how to do anything at the hour. I am hoping to hop on an early flight home once I am finished and head back to my one and only and my kids I miss so much. 

Until then my body needs to rest.

Me and Billy, showing our guns, Pres Clinton giving his speech and my pic “with” Pres Clinton until my professional one gets to me. 😀

5 Comments on “Weekend Review

  1. That must have been a very cool experience to meet the ex POTUS. I hope to see you here in WA state soon Kass, so excited!!


  2. This is so cool! My kids went to school in BC, where they had QDPE (Quality Daily Physical Eduction) and I really think American kids need to MOVE more. Cool that Zumba is partnering to make at least some movement in schools happen!And I loved your conversation with Bill Clinton! :o)


  3. Thank you for posting! Did my research on it yesterday online. What a great thing for our schools in America! :). As a parent and fellow instructor 😉 I hope to get this started in our community! God bless and you Go Kass! Zumba love! 🙂


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