One of those days!!!

Today has been one of those days. I woke up with an aching back. I couldn’t round my back at all, I felt 85 years old and wanted to jump back into the covers, ever so gently of course being that I was in major pain but I had kids to get off to school and a class to teach.

I love my classes at home, Utah, my people. They know my music, style, moves, cuing…all these things make for a fun, energetic, party of a workout…BUT…being that I travel a lot and miss more than the average instructor I feel I can’t miss a class when I am “in town” even when I have the aching back described above. Of course I know they would be understanding of the situation BUT I appreciate that they come and show up day in day out and truth is I want to see them and feed of their energy as well. A win win.

So…I was going to teach regardless. I did some stretching which helped and put on a smile which helped even more.  But there was still B’s hair to do which is a nightmare on any given day, even when I’m in the highest of spirits. After her “hiding” a few times which although she’s adorable, this game of “mom, come find me” can be tiring as I’m in a hurry to get to a room full of people, I finally got started on the process. It goes as follows:

1. spray hair with water and leave in conditioner/detangler
2. brush ever so gently with the greatest thing since the apple computer “The Wet Brush”
3. B starts whining that I’m brushing too fast
4. I show her how gentle I am brushing and explain that I’m doing my best
5. B escalates her whine into a cry (yes every morning)
6. I brush faster to get the misery over with
7. I style her hair
8. pick a bow or flower
9. hear more whining as I put said bow or flower in her hair
10. finish the hair and kiss her face even though I want to spank her-and some days I apologize b/c I let myself get mad and I don’t want to fight with her and some days I even have spanked her. She gets crazy when I’m “making her hair” and there’s only so many mornings I have the patience of a giant to deal with it.

so….luckily class was a great stress reliever as it always is.

I have decided something about B. She is hard. She is strong willed. She is defiant. She has caused me more tears in motherhood than I thought possible BUT she’s is amazingly sweet and kind and FUN and I have come to the conclusion that she and I were best friends before this life and we she will grow up to be my best friends once again. We are a lot alike, I guess. 😉

We are in the process of possibly buying a different house. The going back and forth and negotiating and appraisals and all the jazz included in the process is exhausting. To add to that I have paper work from my previous training, emails to send out for my upcoming trainings, papers to print off for my next training and a whole slew of other things I need to do to be ready to fly out again come Friday evening. In addition to that I ran into some unexpected scheduling problems with work. I could almost feel a migraine boiling with all these issues along with homework, carpool, chores…Like I said, it was just one of those days.

Here’s the good part. There are so many good things to be grateful for in my life. I am very blessed. Instead of letting these problems get me down I decided to have some one on one time with Brian when our kids were at a primary party and just focus on other things. Us. 😀 He is my stress reliever. Just being snuggled up next to each other in the booth (yes we sit side by side at restaurants) was so nice. He makes me laugh. I got the giggles on the ride home and we laughed so hard. It felt so good.

I am now heading to Walmart. Typical late night Walmart run for me. I listen to music, walking the isles looking at ingredients for meals I won’t make b/c I don’t cook. It’s just not my time to be a chef-one day it’ll happen, one day.  I have a baby shower at my house for one of my best friends since 7th grade tomorrow and I have got to try and fix something yummy for it, and fast, my night is quickly creeping away from me…

Until next time…

7 Comments on “One of those days!!!

  1. wow, every morning I am late because of Sebastian's choice of shoes or breakfast, thanks goodness he is a boy or else, adding 15 min of hair making! I will be doing 10 mins of Zumba a day…and my dear friend I know you are so righteous that you can't lie but, next time your back kills you, make a white lie that you are on a daily news and skip class… people love you so so much that we will still love you even if you just came once a week, the biggest difference it makes is in our bodies, the more you teach the smaller we get…


  2. Here it is… true confessions of a kassaholic- you make me happy. Sometimes the everyday struggles are exactly what everyone needs to read about. Electronically, it is easy to get bogged down and (studies have shown) social media is a major contributor to self esteem, because EVERYONE's life is better in the virtual world! Your posting today was so similar to my morning that it actually made me laugh (not at you, as the president of the kass martin is amazing fan club, I would never laugh at you) to discover you're just like me! Life gets in the middle, and sometimes we get so busy we forget to enjoy the ones we love most! Thankfully, they love us just as much and they are willing to bring us back to reality anytime.You are a lucky (and beautiful) woman, Kass! Thanks for proving that it is possible to both be an amazingly gorgeous woman and more importantly an amazing, loving mother, wife, friend, AND a bad A Zumba-er!St George is needing a Kass fix soon. Looks like we are just going to have to plan a road trip since you are everywhere. We love you so much we would travel to the ends of the world for 90 minutes of your Zumba time!Have a lovely day! How to make that troublesome back be a perfect back: stretch stretch stretch, and some good narcotics, are the recipe to make you feel better. Trust me, I have completed my prerequisites in order to apply to nursing school! I am practically a doctor!


  3. I'll be honest, sometimes it's nice to hear you're not perfect 😉 Annika does that same routine with her hair, ugh. We're moving on to the point where she wants to fix it herself now, and I just have to accept that she's independent and let her go to school with half-messy hair, but \”her style\” hair and she's happy.Also, you need an assistant or a secretary! Thanks for being such an awesome instructor, friend and example, sure do love you!


  4. We all wonder how you (we busy mommas in general) do it all… with little ones and jobs and travel and homes and meals and spouses that need/deserve attention.Reading this insight into Kass Martin's life is pretty cool, and I love to know that you're a *normal* person. 🙂 I attended your Dancing through the Decades session at convention this year, and just went to your evening class in Hastings, Michigan last weekend. Got a pic with you. I have to say, I'm amazed at how \”accessible\” and REAL you seem to be, even though you're a mega Zumba celeb/rock star. It's pretty cool. But I still want to hear how you got stitches on your chin!


  5. Hi Kass! It is me Andrea in Montana! I have to read your blog when I actually sit down and take a break from keeping up on house work. Miss A, my kindergartener was the same way and so was I!!!! Until I convinced her to give her braid to locks of love and had her hair cut into an A -frame….which was scary but turned out super duper cute! We don't fight about THAT,anymore. I figure by the time it grows out she will be able to do it herself. Anyhow, I still love Zumba and admire you like you wouldn't believe!!!!


  6. It is super fun to read your blog! Thanks for being real. I absolutely loved you in the ZIN 40 DVD. I was so inspired by your enthusiasm and your contagious smile! I admit that in class when I hit a \”lull\” mentally or am not feeling like I have it in me, I imagine you and Lindsay – it brings a smile to my face every time and gives me an extra \”umph\” to kick it some more! Blessings to you – you are an amazing instructor!


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