Puerto Vallarta

Wow! This trip has been amazing. I’ll be posting about it day at a time. So…here goes.

Let’s start with day one.

We are stoked! We have been talking about November 3 for months how and finally it is here. Brian and I have been married almost 10 years!!!! (actual date 12/12/02). We always wanted to do a big trip for our ten year and Brian made all the arrangements for us and it’s been flawless! But there were a few bumps in the road first getting here. Like always, right?

I had a Zumba event in NJ-then we were headed to PV. I had been looking forward to this event. I did the same event-Zumbathon for ALS to (raise money for Lou Guerics disease) last year and it was sooo fun! Huge master class at Asbury Park in Atlantic City.

With hurricane Sandy the event was cancelled-rightfully so. I have felt terrible for those effected by this storm. 😦 people’s homes destroyed, damaged…I can’t imagine and my heart goes out to those put there. With airports closed and that change of plan, we were quickly scrambling trying to figure out how we were flying to PV since we were now coming from SLC instead. Delta was great at accommodating our needs and we set off on our trip.

I fly so much. Almost every weekend I am hopping on a plane for work. I am diamond status with delta (woohoo) and was looking forward to Brian getting the first class perks I usually get…comfy seats, lots of refills on our soda, extra snacks…but…I guess the way they do it is you get bumped DOWN to the persons status who you’re traveling with. Not cool. We tried to wriggle out way bak UP with lots of smiles (haha) but best we got was “economy comfort” for the first leg then back down to “economy discomfort” for the second leg. I joked with Brian that this wasn’t the first time my status has been lowered because of him. Haha. (opposite really)

We flew to Atlanta where they have a Delta Sky Club and went and plopped ourselves down for a long 3.5 hour layover. We were exhausted being that we just had a red eye. A four hour red eye flight so at best we had slept 3 hours. I sleep like a champ on flights. But Bri…??? not so much.

We found this back, dark room to sleep in. They had lounge chairs, pretty pictures for a serene scenery, and calm sounds. That is until this woman walks in talking really loud and then once she settled in, starts snoring even louder.

Another woman tried to shake the snore out of her a few times with little success… Maybe 1 minute snore free at best. Then I went to shake the snore out of her. “miss?…miss?…miss!!!” nothing. This woman was dead to the world, happily zonked in the sleeping room during her layover. Awesome for her to be able to check out so easily. Not as awesome for us.

I grew up with an award winning snoring dad. His snores were a master piece. Getting loud then soft then loud then soft then the grand finale!!!!…then on to the next number. Loud, soft, loud….even with how good he was at his craft, you could ALWAYS shake it out of him. Once in a while you’d just give him a good shake and he’d have a back hand instinct you had to watch out for which only made us laugh really hard but not this woman. Once in the zone she was in the zone.

Anyway…Luckily I remembered there’s an app for that. I have an app on my phone that makes noise maker sounds-white noise, waves, fan… I put it on “airplane” (really loud) and away her snores went.

We had one more leg to go. It was another 4 hours but not too shabby.

We have arrived!!!! Woohoo!!! Yippee!!!

We made it to Mexico. First time for both of us-as long as you’re not including my 1/2 hour I went to Tijuana when I was 18. (so just a couple years ago right? Haha)

Customs wasn’t too bad and we quickly got a cab and made it safely to the hotel. My eyes were closed most the time bc if they were open I would have been terrified of the driving. Lots of swerving and not the same rules I am accustom to in the states. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a terrible back seat driver.

We checked in, walked the resort and then headed to Walmart for groceries for our temporary apartment for the week.

We had fun at the store buying things we had no clue what they were. I bought “candy” then realized it was bubble gum. Brian was asked a question from the worker in spanish and he quickly answered “no habla ingles” so she asked again to which he replied “no habla ingles”. Then the woman looked at him funny and said “amigo?” so he just said “uhh…I’ll just grab these eggs” Then as he was walking toward me he realized what he was saying-opposite of what he was meaning to say which is “no habla espanol” We laughed and laughed over that.

I get the giggles whenever things like that happen to Bri b/c if you know him you know he’s very pulled together. Unlike me. Things like that happen to me…and have been happening to me here too, don’t you worry…but…when they happen to Brian it’s something I can laugh at for days. I answered “Very good thank you” to “Good evening”. It’s like when you ask a kid “What’s up?” and they say “Good”. Well that’s me here.

You’d think all my singing in Spanish with my Zumba songs would have given me an edge. Nope. I’m no better off than the next BUT I have recognized a TON of songs on the radio which makes me feel somewhat cool. Until someone asks “Habla espanol?” and I sheepishly answer again “Nope”

After Walmart we got in the hot tub and did face time with our kids and Brian’s parents who are awesome and watching them for us.

We are old farts and went to bed early to catch up on our lack of sleep getting here to PV. Plus we had a big day coming up. We were going to a timeshare presentation the next morning and needed our beauty sleep. 😉

End of day 1.

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