Always a daddy’s girl

I have to admit I’m struggling. I just got back from literal paradise-a week vacation with only Brian. It was amazing!!!.. Yet, I feel empty because I want to check in with my dad and tell him all about it. That’s how it’s always been until last year.

There are times in a girls life where you just want to call your dad. Dads, (if you are one of the lucky ones) are meant to make you feel like all is well in the world. They are there to vent to, get advise from, brag to, tell about your highs your lows, talk about life and what’s to come…

My dad’s number is still on my speed dial, “Pops”. Ready to call at a push of a button when I need him. He never screened my call. Not once. He always had time for his girl-his kids.

I have lots to tell him. So much has happened this past year since he passed away.

I cannot remove his name from my favorites. He will always remain at the top of the list. I am after all still daddy’s little girl.

3 Comments on “Always a daddy’s girl

  1. I my gosh,you got me crying first thing in the morning! I'm sorry for your loss Kass. Without knowing your Dad, I love him for bringing you up in love and awesomeness. I know you'll continue to feel this from time to time, but I hope over all his passing will be kinda like OB-1 Kanobe and that he can be helping you more from the other side (forgive the starwars reference =)


  2. Losing someone who means so much to you can be so hard. You never realize how hard it is to move on until you live through it. I think the good memories help heal that pain and let you \”live\” again.


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