Day 2 Mexico

Sleeping in is such a luxury. I may not be waking up everyday at 6am-heavens no, I actually wake up at 8:05am everyday BUT sleeping in, just waking up when you’re fully rested is such a gift. Especially considering the prior nights Red Eye.

Bri and I lazily got up, had breakfast and headed to the beauty of PV. The sand is like flour and the water like a warm bath. We hung out at one of the two pools at our resort and under the cabana on the beach until our time share presentation at noon.

I wasn’t thrilled about any part of this BUT if you know me you know I live for a good deal so saving was the name of the game.

We started with lunch and took a tour around the property. The 90 minute obligation we signed on for had already succeeded at this point. Then our guide tells us more about their program-reminding us of the vacation places we want to go, the things we want to see, which he discovered in our questionnaire over lunch.

The resort was really great-don’t get me wrong BUT we actually own a time share. Haha, that’s how we were in PV-we traded out our week in Florida for a week in Mexico. “Blah blah blah…our time share is better than the one your own…” “why thank you sir” Our guide then brought in the “closer”, the “big guns”. The closer’s job is to make you feel crazy if you don’t buy. We have been there before, hence the time share we currently own but we don’t need an additional one. Ok, now one more stop for a quick survey of the presentation and we are free.

We are brought to another holding area where a woman named Trudy comes and tells us “the guys up stairs are overpriced…and I have an unbeatable offer instead” Brian and I knowing full well they all work together. When she asked how I was doing I answered “Honestly? This 90 minute turned 4 hour presentation is getting me quite impatient when all I want to do is enjoy my vacation out in that sunshine outside” She didn’t budge. (Brian squirmed at his discomfort) Trudy had a job to do, she had a sales pitch regardless of my plans. After another half hour we were released to the gift area which took another half hour to get all sorted out.

In the end we got a smokin good deal on some great activities we were really looking forward to. And asked if I’d do the presentation again, for saving as much as we did…the answer would be yes. Probably a hesitant yes, but we would mentally prepare for 5 hours not 90 minutes.

We enjoyed the pool the rest of what we had in the day, dinner and the hot tub. For me, just hanging out, stress and worry free with Brian is as fun as it gets.

The next morning we had couples massages scheduled which we could hardly wait for!!! Ahhhh….relaxation at its best!

2 Comments on “Day 2 Mexico

  1. Sweet post, Kass. When someone you love is gone, there is always a hole in your heart just their size. My dad has been gone 12 years; still miss him; always will. How lucky and blessed we have been to have wonderful fathers and good memories.


  2. M a Daddy's girl. Didn't know it until I was out of college. You're right; sometimes you just want your Dad. Sounds like he was pretty lucky, too ;). Thinking about you in your time of grieving!


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