Mexico days 3-4

Now that Brian and I have our gifts we are ready to cash in. Starting with hour couples massages at the swanky golf course spa.

We took a great walk to the golf course. I had it in my mind this glorious peaceful walk would take about 20 minutes. Once those 20 minutes passed we realized there was a lot further to go so we picked up the pace even faster and got a good sweat going to try and make our appt. I always underestimate the time it takes to get somewhere-or rather underestimate my fastness- and so this was no different than norm.

This massage was paradise!!! My body has been in some considerable pain with my back lately so this was heaven sent. It is odd however being “naked” with your spouse in a public setting-with two masseuses in the room. Haha.

Time for beach and pool! I love the beach but there is a convenience with dipping in the water poolside and reading without the itty bits of sand. Call me a sissy if you want.

We laid there like lazy bums all day gettin our tab on, then we headed to our Mexican Fiesta!!! Ayayay!!! All you can eat mexican food YUM and drink if you’re a drinker-(we aren’t drinkers but we did get a fair share of diet coke and virgin piña coladas) they had an awesome night of entertainment and booths with things to buy. When you’re greeted with a mariachi (sp) band you can’t go wrong. I loved it!!!

We ate ourselves sick-we literally left early to keep ourselves from more helpings which would no doubt have caused us to 1-throw up or 2-go into a sugar induced coma. We plopped our big full bellies down on the couch and could not move if someone paid us a million dollars! It was awesome! FaceTime and out like a light.

Day 4-
We woke up early and went by boat to this amazing island called Las Caletas. This is a private island (think of the show Lost but with all the amenities you could think of and a full service staff ready to serve-heaven!!) is only available to those who paid through this Vallarta Adventures company-no access to the public. The hour boat ride there was of course filled with lots of drinking-getting the party started early for you drinkers out there and entertainment. The crew was hilarious and awesome!

Once you arrive, there are all kinds of things you can do-kayaking, snorkeling, laying out, paddle boarding, scuba diving, lounging in hammocks…we did all of this with the exception of scuba diving. I won’t do it. I physically cannot do it…one day maybe I’ll get some sort of monster guts of steel and get over my fears. Until then I’ll entertain pretty much anything else.

We did however power snorkel. This was awesome. We each had individual motors which went 3-8 miles an hour. They made it so you could really see the sea life. The brightness of the fish was amazing!!! Our guide showed us things the average snorkeler, trying to keep your tube above water wouldn’t have seen and these motors were perfect for swimming down deep and then making a fast break for air. I held a puffer fish which was oddly slimy and really adorable. I got sea sick and headed back a little early and missed the sea turtle. In the grand scheme of things I was happy I went back bc feeling awful the rest of the time would have been a real bummer.

Needless to say Brian and I loved it!!! The lunch alone was worth the price we paid-incredible food. We again ate way too much (this is all making sense now as to why the scale was so high when we got home) but it was ohhhh sooo gooood!!! And you only celebrate your TEN year anniversary ONCE! 🙂

The paddle boarding was really fun for me as I saw Brian fall into the water while I had balance like a cat. 😉 he’s pretty much better at all things like this than me so watching him scramble was too fun. I have to take small triumphs where I can.

We would have been happy as clams to stay there in Las Caletas for the remainder of our trip but the boat back was leaving and we got back on only to laugh so hard at the lip synching show they had in store for us. So fun. Please do this if you ever visit there. We loved it!!! It was the perfect mixture of entertainment, relaxation, adventure, romance…

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