Had to write today…

I wanted to write a little bit about my dad. He passed away one year ago today. We were all at his house with him, singing songs, listening to his CD from his band Ridin’ The Faultline.  They were great! I believe he was in and out of this world during that last night, getting ready to take the next step in his life’s journey.

My brother Lee shared one of my dad’s favorite stories at his funeral. The Lamp Lighter. I don’t remember all the specifics but it goes something like this.

“There is an old city. In this city there is a lamp lighter. He goes from street to street lighting the lamps for those in the town. No one sees him, or talks with him but you know he has passed through because of the light he has left and shared.”

My dad was the ultimate sharer of light. I watch this video from time to time to see that light-His smile while he’s playing the banjo, singing with his girl. He made me sing that song with him every time we went up to hear his band.


2 Comments on “Had to write today…

  1. Kass you are in my heart and prayers today. Something about a Daddy's girl losing her dad. I know it has been two years and yet it feels like 10 minutes. I hope it brings you peace to know that he leads your legion of angels that guard you everyday. I know it always makes me feel safe to know that. God bless you xo


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