Feeling very grateful for my life, family, health, job, friends. It’s always good to have a holiday that focuses on being grateful.

In church on Sunday the speaker was giving a talk on gratitude. It was wonderful. He was speaking about a student from China who was living in the states, alone-without his family, or comforts of his home, learning a new language, no car, didn’t have a good job or girlfriend, he did not have the material things of the world that we sometimes associate with happiness but always had a smile on his face. When asked “Why are you always so happy?” He answered “I am so blessed. Everyday I see the ways God has blessed me”

Many in his situation would be thinking, “Why can’t I have a girlfriend or good job or money to do the things I want to do?!!” I love his positive outlook and seeing the things he does have rather than what he feels he’s lacking.

Another speaker-a youth boy about 16 years old, talked about how when he focuses on how he doesn’t have a car or the motorcycle of his dreams he starts to feel down and bad for himself but when he looks at the bright side of things like the fact that he lives close to the school and it takes only a couple minutes to walk to school and that he’s saving money on car expenses…he starts to feel happier. Glass half full right?

Just yesterday my son said “Things are all about how you look at it. When B drinks half of my drink I could think “it’s half empty” or…I could think “it’s half full” and that makes me feel better. It’s all how you look at it”

I thought this was so deep from an 8 year old. Of course this was the same 8 year old who as we were walking out of Costco yesterday was fighting with his sister about her finishing off the cup of frozen yogurt. I reminded him about the glass being half full and looking at life on the bright side and he said “that’s impossible. It’s gone! So actually it’s not half full at all it’s completely empty!” Guess he didn’t fully get the concept. 😉

These talks and stories were so great to hear especially with Thanksgiving this week. There is so much to be grateful for. Always.

One Comment on “Thanksgiving

  1. I am thankful that I had the privilege of meeting you this year. You are a super positive spirit and you spread it like wildfire! Have an awesome Thanksgiving!Tom


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