Thanksgiving feast!

Wow! What a day! This year we celebrated with my in laws in Arizona for Thanksgiving.

We started the day with a hike up Pinnacle Peak. It’s gorgeous! It was so crowded. I loved seeing the people, single, couples, families, kids…working out and getting healthy. I wanted to give everyone high fives. I thought about just trying it out and seeing the responses but then decided against embarrassing myself or others. 🙂

After the hike we put together what remaining dishes we had left to work on and went out to the pool.

This house is a dream! Having a pool right outside (and kids who can fully swim) is awesome! (otherwise I’d have a heart attack) the sun was out and felt great on my body! I felt like Timothy Green (“Odd life of Timothy Green” -great show. Rent it) soaking up much needed vitamin D.

Ok folks, It’s feasting time!!!

We ate delicious ham, turkey, home made rolls, sweet yam dish, stuffing, potatoes, green bean casserole (personal fave) veggies…the list went on and on and so did my waist. Thanks goodness for the elastic in my skirt.

By the time desserts were being served I felt like I was going to go into a food coma. But…I managed to squeeze what little room I had and ate more!!!

One of my favorite treats on Thanksgiving is the Martin’s slush. I love this slush (recipe below) its tart, cold, refreshing and since I became a Martin I’ve made it year round for a light dessert. Yummy!!!

After dinner we headed out to the theaters to watch “Life of Pi.” I love watching movies, especially at the theater. It’s fun to get away, let your imagination soar for a couple hours. This movie was great! Such adventure! The visuals were beyond this world and the story line-heart felt. The kids were glued to the screen as were the adults.

I won’t give any spoilers since its just out but it’s definitely worth seeing.

We are enjoying our last couple days in sunny Arizona. Lots of lounging at the pool and shopping to do today as let us not forget…LEFTOVERS!!!

One cup hot water
One cup sugar (can use Splenda or another no calorie sweetener)
Let sugar dissolve. Add-
One cup water (equalling 2 cups water)
1 can crushed pineapple
1 can grapefruit
1 lil bottle maraschino cherries cut into fourths.

Add all this in and freeze in a 9×13 pan or gallon ziplock bag laid flat.

Cut into cubes and add the sprite or diet sprite.


Until next time-

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