Drive or fly?

Are you the type of traveler that hates road trips? Do you prefer to fly or do you love the fun of driving miles and miles along the freeway to new places?

Bri and I have not taken a flight with our kids since we had to pay for D. You have to pay for kids over the age of two and he’s now 8. So as you can see, it’s been a long time.

B has yet to be on a flight. She was so colicky as a baby we didn’t dare bring her on a flight where people paid good money for the luxury of flying. (plus we are frugal and figure we can just log more miles on our trusty red mini van) She would have been that dreaded screaming infant in the back…or toddler…she is definitely coming into her own now and we trust she would behave at the age of five but until recently it was truly not an option.

With this in mind it’s a good thing Bri and I love road trips! We sing, play games, tease each other, eat junk…it’s all part of the vacation. We have taken loads of road trips within our almost ten year marriage.

I enjoy it. It’s fun…that is, until the ride home. Right about the time we have two hours left I get super antsy and just want to snap my fingers and appear in the driveway! If only that we’re possible!

We are driving home from Arizona. We have two hours left… I am antsy. I just ate a corn dog from a gas station which I’m not even sure is sanitary. My stomach is in knots from the bad food choices I have made (unfortunately it goes further than just a corn dog) but I have “Wicked” playing in the background which always perks me up.

I love this music! Have you seen the play? Heard the music? It’s clever, witty, I think it’s written beautifully.

My first exposure to this musical was when my friend Ashley Lefrandt (Anderson) showed me a few songs in her red jetta after she had seen the play. I liked it but didn’t get bitten by the “wicked bug” quite yet. A few years ago my dad was introduced to the music and fell in love with it so naturally being the daddy’s girl I am I listened to it and got a kick out of seeing him smile at the catchy song “p
Popular” (B’s fave as well-not surprisingly). Another song he loved was “For Good” which we put on his tribute video. It’s a beautiful message. Go-listen to it. Download it. You’ll love it.

Brian surprised me with tickets to the traveling broadway show when it came to our city this summer, front row, for my 30th birthday. Awesome right?! He’s crafty like that. From that point on I have been in love. Our kids now have every song memorized and I love to hear their sweet voices sing along.

We listen to everything from oldies, Beach Boys, Ozzy, Celine, current radio hits, Maroon 5…what are your favorite road trip soundtracks, CDs, musicals? What passes the time??? Maybe blogging at the 2 hour left mark will help pass those painful miles a little faster.

Something fun this road trip…our trusty red mini van rolled over 200,000 miles.
This things runs like its brand new. It’s got a few dings and battle wounds but it’s held up wonderfully and I’m thinking we can log many more miles with our upcoming road trips this winter and spring. Pretty impressive right? Yes, I agree.

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