2013 latest and greatest

I can’t believe it is the year 2013. I remember when there was serious worry about the year 2000 and then 12/20/12…yet we are still here pushing on. Good thing. There is much more of this life I am ready to live.

Christmas was AMAZING!!! our kids are to the age where they are literally our best buds. We plan things around their fun, which brings Bri and I happiness which creates what we call “happy family moments”

Favorite Christmas present???
Santa brought us tickets to WICKED!!! Have you seen this amazing play? It blew us away! Brian surprised me with front row tickets for my big 3.0. in the Summer. Once we got home and downloaded all the songs that night, our kids fell in love with the music too and have been hoping for a chance to go. We have discouraged them from putting too many eggs into the “wicked” basket b/c it’s expensive and NOT in Utah anymore…as we looked around at tickets and did a little more research we found it was in MO while we would be there for Christmas. So, a few talks with Santa and it was well on it’s way. It was worth every penny. One of my favorite moments to date.

New year, new goals, new focuses:
My 2013 is going to be more simple. Maybe I’ll be working just as much and traveling just as much but I am going to simplify where I can. I have a goal to be more present to whatever is happening. If it’s family time it’s family time, if it’s time to work it’s time to work. I think doing one million and a half things all at once– most of 2012 caused it’s fair share of breakdowns. lol. My plan to keep on top of laundry will definitely help in this plight. (it’s still January but I’ve got my fingers crossed)

Confessions of a shoeaholic:
I love to shop…I love finding a good deal. ESPECIALLY high tops and Zumba shoes. Sometimes I need it most times I don’t. So…cutting on spending is a goal of mine. I don’t need a closet over flowing of tennies…I really don’t. I will remind myself of this to give me strength in hard times. haha.

Another goal for 2013 is to make cleaner food choices… Cutting calories of foods that leave me feeling sluggish. I love a good treat and something large and processed but are those foods helping me keep up my energy??? NO, therefore I am focusing on filling my body with foods that will help me maintain my crazy schedule of wife, mom, sister, neighbor, relief society teacher, Zumba instructor-education specialist-and presenter…to name a few…with more sustainable energy.

Here are a few confessions, highlights, and goals for this upcoming year. more to come. What are you goals?? What are you hoping to change this year to better yourself? What healthy habits are you hoping to continue? Tell me, I wanna know! 😀

Until next time! Kass

One Comment on “2013 latest and greatest

  1. Hi amazing Kass!I am from New Zealand, and I've started doing Zumba 2 years ago,, LOVE it!!. It has changed me outside and inside. I have a body figure that I am so happy with, I feel healthier and happier. Zumba is so much fun! My kids love it too, my son is going to zumbatomic. My daughter still 3 years old, so she is not yet to start zumba, but she watches my DVD's and watches & dances with me at home.My 1st coal for this year has been achieved yesterday!! which is becoming a Zumba instructor …yaaaayyy I did it! and I am a zin member too…wooohoooMy 2nd coal is same as your's is to watch my shopping!! and I do shop a lot for zumba gear, that was the first thing I did after I was confirmed as a zin member is : I bought new things from zumba shop :s haha..I need to control my self, and I will work harder on it!!I love you'r zumba, and love love zin vol 40….but I was disappointed to know I am not going to be able to buy the dvd, as the prev zin volumes are not available to purchase for new zins :(thanks for being an amazing, talented, gorgeous instructor…keep it up xxI wish to attend a master class of your's one day =)Patti


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