Steal deals and savin’ dough $$$

I am not be the best dressed person around. I like to be comfortable and functional BUT also cute. Having two kids, living in Utah and doing the regular car pool, grocery store runs and weekly date night doesn’t require much as far as fashion is concerned.

I LOVE a good deal and have been known to be quite frugal. I have a problem with working my tail off and spending it quick on expensive things…I like to let it linger a little longer in my bank account and not burn a hole in my pocket…so I shop at Target, Ross, and wouldn’t you know it??? WALMART. I mix and match with items from Forever 21 and occasionally Nordstrom (even better when I can go to Nordstrom Rack or even The Rack when visiting AZ and get sweet deals)

Brian seems to think I like to buy a lot of $20-$40 items so it appears I don’t spend as much. This is still up for debate. He has a lot of theories on me…all up for debate. 😉

I was shopping at Wally World yesterday with Miss B, getting the final things for her 6th B-day party coming up. Deals were flying left and right at Walmart. Just my kind of day…

Here’s what I bought-
Pink Skinny pants that are beyond comfy and cute- $7
plain white t, a classic, goes with everything but mine are looking dingy and not so awesome- $4.47
this also came in a really cute vibrant neon-ish pink- $4.47
Swimsuit-seriously one of the cutest I’ve seen, it’s modest and fits great* and I can wiggle around in it playing with my kids and not have half my butt hanging out…-$13 for bottom $17 for top.
*the top actually needs to be taken in on the sides since it appears they sized it to a cardboard box but that’s an EASY fix on my sewing machine and the boob area fits perfect!

I’ve got a new outfit, additional shirt and swimsuit all for….(drum roll please)….. under $50

Where else can you find that? oh no where? yes, that’s what I thought. Thank you Wally World for making my day better and my wardrobe a little cuter.

Bring on the summer! this suit needs to be worn!


5 Comments on “Steal deals and savin’ dough $$$

  1. You my dear, can buy ANY swimsuit because your body is to die for. Some of us have to buy swimsuits that help us look semi normal and usually are expensive. Good job on your great deals! I'm like you, I buy a lot of $10-$30 items that end up becoming more money but it is still better than buying one item for $50. My fave is getting great quality expensive stuff on sale. That makes me very happy.


  2. There are few things more exciting to me than a steal on some cute clothes! While this is hardly inexpensive, yesterday, after two years of scouring ebay, I FINALLY found the J Crew coat-dress (sounds weird), that retailed for $450 and sold out immediately, on ebay for $400 or best offer. I shot off an offer of $140 and it was accepted! I still have a little bit of buyer's remorse, but in comparison to the original price, I got a steal of a deal on something I've REALLY wanted for a long time. Can't wait to get it!


  3. Jeanette-I was totally thinking of you. I got a basic v neck shirt from walmart and it's just what you were wanting. I got it to be a little more baggy than the one I wore to lunch-this way having more room for lunch. 😉 check it out girly-it's the Orem Wally World too.


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