Training weekends

I just woke up in an unfamiliar yet all too familiar place. An empty hotel room. I am in Omaha NE and it’s almost time to leave and head to the facility where I will be conducting a Basic 1 Zumba Instructor training.
I am totally pooped. I flew into Chicago yesterday to do an appearance on the Steve Harvey Show  with some fellow Zumba peeps including my friend Barb Klontz who works in education for Zumba as well. It was a great day. Started out early with one flight and ended late with another flight to NE for these trainings-today Basic 1 and tomorrow Basic 2.

When you do media appearances there’s a lot of “hurry up and wait” scenarios happening. Hurry to practice, practice, wait to go to the show, get there by such and such time…wait for hair and make up…wait for rehearsal, wait for producers to come and chat about the segment, practice with a “stand in Steve”, back to your green room… wait for final touch ups, more chat from producers, get “miked”… and then it’s go time.

I have statistics and numbers and a message to deliver. It’s similar on each show but different depending on their producers and any new statistics and angles we want to present. The song and moves will change and of course the host will be different.

Steve Harvey was a riot! He was super fun to talk to and teach the moves to and had such a great vibe about him. I love people like that. People who are warm, friendly, who have a job to do but don’t push you aside but look you in the eye and show they’re happy you’re there on their show..that’s Steve. I’d love to go on his show again. That man knows how to boogie.

I gotta go plug in my location, find the facility, set up all my gear-manuals, papers, DVDs, clothes, projector, slide show…It’s go time.

I”m sure when I walk into this hotel room again, I’ll be even more tired from sweating all day showing how to “shake your money maker.” 😉

until next time-

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