Health changes for Mrs Martin

Whelp the time has come for me to give up a few of my favorite things. Yes, you have probably heard me say this before and yes I usually do this every Monday aka rededication day, but this time it’s different…It’s doctors orders.

You see, I am a forever foodie. I remember as a kid my mom would take me out to get a treat, I loved going out for a treat. I could have a stressful day, bad grades, bad boyfriend whatever, you add in a treat and all that stuff went away. Magical treats is what they should have been called.

Among some of my favorite treats were:
Frozen yogurt from Golden Spoon-strawberry with gummi bears on top  YES PLEASE
Skittles-original flavor YUM!
Alpine White-can you say AHHHH!? Have you ever tried an Alpine White??? If you haven’t you have missed out. I would say you’re missing out but no, you really did miss out b/c they are no longer on the market, at least from what I have seen in the past 15 years. Believe me, I have been looking. It is a delicious, smooth, white chocolate bar with little pieces of almond and nougat… are you drooling? 😀 White chocolate is a weakness for me-or should I call it a strength as it always seems to make things better?  I could go on…I won’t.

I recently got my blood work done. It has been something that has been looming over me for a while for many reasons. When you get your blood analyzed it can tell you a whole lot about what’s going on in your body. After all, we are what we eat…turns out I am just a pile of gluten and my body HATES it!

First words out of my doctor’s mouth when I saw him for my “results”? “Kass, you are going to hate me.” (no-“Hey Kass, how are you, good to see you???” Maybe he did say those things but I forgot them right away with his next line) “you have to go gluten free”  I think he was prepping me for the worst so Gluten Free seemed like a notch above. I more than anything felt like “Good! that’s actually fine, at least there are answers in these results as to why I haven’t been feeing 100%”

I like to eat healthy. My husband often says I am the best eater in the world until I am the worst! He is right. I can eat salads, veggies, fruits, lean proteins and my favorite homemade yogurt parfaits all month (ok, week) long and then I will literally have more cookies in one day/sitting than I care to admit. haha.

I would have whole wheat/low carb tortillas every morning with my egg whites and Fiber One cereal on top of those beloved parfaits…If you know me well, you know these are “Kass staples” and these “staples” were doing me NO FAVORS!! I thought I was being Miss Healthy and now I realize my body is not ok with these foods at all!!!

So here’s to a new me with new eating habits. Along with the gluten free diet I am now committed to, I am not drinking soda. I am not making promises on this one for the long haul but for now I get SOME soda once a week and that’s it! I will savor that Diet Mt Dew like it’s my last breath of air. You health nuts are saying to yourself “DIET SODA IS SO BAD FOR YOU!” YES, I know! I know!! but come on now, we all have our vices. I don’t judge if you don’t judge. And for Pete’s sake, I’m working on it.

This no soda kick will officially end on Halloween where I will reward myself with a pair of cool shoes as I decided for some reason to challenge myself to NOT BUY SHOES!!! til the end of the year. In actuality it was more of Brian saying “you seriously have a shoe problem” I then said “no way! I. Do. Not. I will show you!! In fact, I won’t buy shoes til the end of the year! HA! shoe problem??? Pah-leez!”

Turns out I think I have a shoe problem. 😀 I really do love getting cool shoes and with my work I feel like it’s all about the shoes! They can make me feel for an hour that I’m not a mini van driving mama but rather one cool chick! and that my friend, shows you the power behind the high tops. That being said-this little soda challenge brought some mercy out of Mr Martin and he said I could relapse and then jump back in til Christmas. I sure love that man. He gets me. He really does.

I really am a mini van fan. Yesterday Brian and I were driving to Ikea. We drove separately so Brian could continue onto a work appt. As I passed by him I asked “You think that girl is hot in her mini van?”(referring to myself jokingly) and he said “absolutely! I look at this woman driving that red mini van and say to myself “now that woman is sensible! and there is NOTHING sexier than a SENSIBLE woman” Oh Bri. Again, he gets me.

Back to gluten. Enough about my love of Diet Dew, mini vans and shoes. Turns out gluten is in a lot more things that I thought but, and this is a BIG BUTT, this day and age there are so many people with gluten allergies that there is a huge supply of gluten free foods… you just gotta know where to find them.

I’ll be posting some of my favorite survival foods and snacks here on the blog for anyone who thinks they may wanna give gluten free a try. I am on the prowl for tasty treats and tips. Just to clarify, I do not have ciliacs disease, that has far more restrictions and limitations, but I am (as of a week ago) gluten free. Yikes! did I just say that? I did. I really did.

Here’s to me feeling better the gluten free way.


 Me and McDonalds are going to be taking a break…it’s ok…I know there are others who drive through just for the Diet Coke and they’ll be keeping the sales up til I’m back.

5 Comments on “Health changes for Mrs Martin

  1. Kass, you should try Zevia soda!! It's still 0 calories, but it's sweetened with stevia instead of the sucrolose and aspertame crap. It takes a bit to get used to the different sweetener flavor, but it's SO worth it! They even have a lemon-lime to replace your Mountain Dew =) Good luck with going gluten free!!


  2. Congratulations! I feel inspired by you as usual and always! I may just have to make my way toward this direction also for my own health reasons that are and have been looming for way to long. xoxoxo 🙂


  3. Hey Kass! I just wanted to check your blog out because my friend, Tanja told me you are coming to DE for a Party in Pink Zumbathon!!! So excited. Anyway, I have been eating a lot of gluten free foods for a while now. Instead of spaghetti pasta, try doing spaghetti squash. It is SOOO yummy and is an awesome substitute for pasta. Another good sub is quinoa. Instead of wrapping your sandwiches with tortillas, try using a large collard leaves. Also, there are quite a few gluten free sodas out there. Every now and again, I post recipes on my blog. Please check it out!


  4. In my personal opinion I think EVERY person in the world has a gluten sensitivity and that some of us just develop stronger hatred of it depending on our diets. I also think that its just more common these days to get tested for it. Consider Paleo diet as that cuts out gluten entirely (and dairy if you're hardcore) I feel so much better all over when I eat Paleo style. I'll send you some of our favorite recipes! It is possible to enjoy delicious gluten free brownies, made from sweet potatoes! 🙂


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