Dinner talk

Often times when I am just arriving home from a long trip (LA Zumba Instructor Conference and ZES meeting) my kids will want to go out and “celebrate” me being home. I love this tradition. 

As a child we never went out to dinner. I remember a few times going out to a restaurant with my siblings. My dad lived in a small apartment and didn’t have much space or cooking skills so we would eat out on Fathers Day. This was exciting for us until he would recommend The Chuck A Rama or El Pollo Loco or some hole in the wall restaurant who’s charm only Mike Akin could appreciate and we would complain and agonize over the meal ahead. The food ended up being pretty good but the time together was better. 

This isn’t quite the experience of my kids’ upbringing. We eat out much more than once a year. I quite enjoy eating out. With the crazy and demanding schedule we have it’s nice to have someone else do the cooking. Through splitting meals and finding the “biggest bang for our buck” type places we are able to do it pretty affordably.
While out on our “celebration” dinner earlier this week I asked questions to get them thinking and talking about other things. A couple questions I asked were:
If you were an animal, which animal would you be and why?
This brought about some funny conversations. My son wanted to be wolf. He wanted to be with a pack and to run fast. My daughter wanted to be a chimpanzee b/c they live with families. My husband wanted to be the bald eagle to be at the top of the food chain and to be able to fly. Then I asked him the things he enjoys most about our life. He answered that marriage, family and spending time together are his favorite things. So then I asked him if that’s the case than why is it that he picked the animal that lives completely solo and isn’t part of a pack or herd? His rebuttal to this was that an eagle doesn’t realize he is alone, he is completely happy and content flying solo and has the same happiness and fulfillment families bring to us. 
 I chose to be a labradoodle. To be a family dog like Butters. Everyone quickly agreed and changed their answers, realizing that this pup we have, has it pretty dang good. 😀 Loved, played with, fed, washed, brushed, adored, happy, and part of a family. 
Another question I asked was, if you were a color what color would you be?
Dayne: “Red, red is like love and red is a noticeable color and is in nature.”
Bridget: “I would be Pink, because pink is sweet”
Bri: “I would be blue. (in a joking tone) because I have power like the sky and the ocean”
Me: “I would be yellow b/c it’s bright and happy”
Then I asked the kids what color they would describe me as:
Dayne: “I would say you are white b/c you are pure kindness”
Bridget; “I would say you are green, b/c clowns have green things and you remind me of a clown b/c you are funny”
I think these descriptions would change depending on the day but I don’t mind being a “Kind Clown” in my children’s eyes. 
I recently bought a game called the “Ungame” which is to be kept in the car or at the dinner table to strike up conversation with your family or friends. You draw a card and answer or discuss what’s on the card. With all the busy schedules we have between school, piano, gymnastics, dance, hip hop, basketball…I often feel like I’m just taking my kids to and fro and I don’t get to have those conversations near as often as I would like. I thought this game was brilliant for this purpose.
Anyway…just me and my ramblings. 😀
until next time,

3 Comments on “Dinner talk

  1. That's adorable Kass! Great to read you today!I really love Dayne and Bridget's way to think…they're cute! Your family is awesome…I really hope that you'll get to have more time with them:) i'd say ur pink…cause you are sweet to anyone and so kind…just saying!much love, Maïna


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