My little soap box

I had such an interesting experience last week with FaceBook. I love FB just as much as the next person but…and this is a BIG BUT…I don’t check my newsfeed (maybe the first few on there) and I don’t check many pages.

I get on facebook, make announcements and try and get back to those who have left messages, posted on my wall or reached out to me. I appreciate those who do this and while I don’t get to all the messages I really do try. Then after a little bit, I realize that my social media time is about to expire (hubby to see, dinner to make, kids to get ready for bed) and I hop off.

My favorite feature of facebook? The pictures!  I love seeing pictures from trainings or events I was teaching in and can’t capture myself. I find it puzzling when I am tagged in pics from events I wasn’t in or can’t go to…like in different states, or countries. Isn’t that the purpose of tagging??? I generally untag myself b/c I look at the pics on my page to be a sort of photo memory log for me to remember the great times I have had with great people.

I just reinstalled the facebook app on my phone. I now have it a little more readily accessible. Not sure if I like this or not. I am already spending more time on electronics between music, choreo dvds, work, phone calls and messaging, instagram, and 2048 than I think is necessary. Oh my gosh! have you played 2048??? it’s amazing…it’ll knock your socks off and if you think you’re addicted to a game…you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!!!

Ok…so…last week…

As I was scrolling through the news feed. I could not believe the negative post after negative post. This wasn’t about someone going through a hard time. I have put myself out there during hard times and the outpouring of love and empathy was amazing and heart warming and filled my soul and I really hope I haven’t come across as someone who was putting out negative energy. What I found was mindless negativity. Negative people throwing out negative energy to all their “friends” on facebook. Movie reviews, product reviews, hating this, annoyed with that, can you believe this, this was so terrible…

I get that this is a place where we can write our feelings, keeping our family and friends updated on the latest and greatest but are we using this as a crutch so we can vent and not have to face people?? I think we are facing a real issue where REAL human connection is being lost. Rather than calling our friend, going to see a coworker or family we are writing out our feelings on an internet site and making everyone else deal with the negativity. Yes of course there is the option to opt out of being friends or followers but when we look back on our lives…what are we focusing our efforts on?

At Zumba instructor convention this year Steve Boedt and I presented a session on The Power of Connecting with Others. We focus some on this, resourcing to electronic connections vs. REAL, long lasting connections with others. There is a loss of this is our society…we all do it.

Experiencing the outpouring of love, support and amazing stories from others towards my dad at the time of his funeral a few years ago made me think of what would be said at my own funeral. What kind of person was I? How did I make people feel? If someone were to run across an obituary of me and didn’t know me personally, if they went to my facebook page-do I feel this is really representing the person I am? Would I be proud of what I am posting as my status?

Of course I do want to say that this is also met with many uplifting posts and people coming together for a greater cause…and there is always the good with the bad, always. Opposition in all things.

I ran across this quote on @HENRAYRAY ‘s instagram and I told him I was gonna steal it, it says-

“Be the most positive person you’ve ever hear, and the most generous person you know, and the most loving person you’ve ever felt! Be what you want from others.” -Jeff Moore

Beautiful right? I love it. I want to be that. I added a pic of my mama at the top. This woman is the sweetest woman I know. She is kind, counts her blessings, has a grateful heart, doesn’t complain, she tried to get me to speak a like a real lady using words like fanny. Oh how she tried. 😀

I have great examples of how to treat others and how to live my life…I’ve got lots of work to do.

12 Comments on “My little soap box

  1. I love your blog. Keep it up. So encouraging and expiring for us instructors and women. I love your bangs also 🙂


  2. Couldn't agree with you more Miss Kass! I hope more folks read this and take the time to reflect on their own lives and happiness. I know I sure did and started my day off with a smile 🙂


  3. This is what I call \”SOUL FOOD\”. Great words of WISDOM and thought. I LOVE your transparency. As a fitness instructor we get so use to being \”ON\” and giving our students every ounce of PASSION and energy we have! My challenge is always to stay TRUE and BALANCED. Often times, my family does not get the same passion and energy that I put into my routines and stage presence 😦 . . . . as a MOM, wife, friend and daughter, it is a REAL struggle to shut off all social network media, all thoughts of signing up for another Jam Session, working on new choreo and/or a new warm up . . . the struggle is just to BE PRESENT and fully engaged with my hubby, kiddos and faith. THANK YOU! for being such a LIGHT in what can often become so consuming – you are AMAZING!


  4. I attended your session at Convention on Connecting and would recommend others to do it, if it is presented again. I totally agree with you and I repeat it often enough to all that know me, please be more charitable, more empathy to all those around you.I find that people have a tendency to scan than to read. Possible reason cause of the overwhelming amount of information they get presented on social media. As Dianne Falkness said on one of her YouTube videos, keep it brief, simple otherwise it shall be glossed over and forgotten cause people are busy. I too ma sad that 'electronic media' is slowly taking over 'human relationships' and many times do wonder whether all those people who are friends on FB or followers on Twitter are indeed friends in the old fashion context.


  5. This is a fabulous post, Kass! It's going in my copy and keep inspiration file for those days when I've taken in a bit too many of the negative posts of friends. It makes me sad, but I also believe that instead of swirling around the negatives and the hate, if we all just focused on what we can do to make those things better instead of pointing fingers…WOW! What a world it would be! So, off the computer I go, to find some real live people and say HI! Hugs to you! Thanks for showing this \”old bird\” she's not too old to Zumba in Vegas. Much love!


  6. Aloha! Thank you for being such a positive influence! My son (Kennie) and I are also Zumba Instructors and try to do the same. We would LOVE to try to bring you here to hold a Master class in Honolulu,Hawaii! Please contact me if you are interested. MAHALO! (Thank you)Aloha, Michele Hirosumi ZIN


  7. Hello Kass This is Mona. I am from India am a Zumba lover going to take ZIN certification soon in March. I know you would not recall but I met you at the Gate way of India Mumbai wld like to share the pic with you . Let me know if I can do that . I am your crazy fan love your style and moves . YOu created fire on the stage :).


  8. As a momma to a beautiful labradoodle I am sure you will like this quote as it also pertains to your post above! The quote is as follows,\” Be the person your dog thinks you are!\” Meaning your dog thinks your a good person so show the world that your a good person! Show the world love and appreciate everything and stay positive just like is done for our furbabies! I try to be positive all the time and it is hard sometimes but I think is most important to be positive to those around you and to spread good love!


  9. I can't wait to officially meet you on Sunday! I had a chance to talk with your sister at convention this year: ) Emily is so awesome!!!! I am so excited to see you in PA Sunday!!!!!


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