Taylor’s Birthday

Brian’s brother lives with us and we were able to celebrate his 20th birthday. He is so sweet and a great help with the babes. We love you Taylor!! Happy Birthday!

Happiest Place On Earth!!!

Disneyland seriously is the happiest place on earth. Dayne had a total blast. He rode every ride (but Indiana Jones, he’s a little too short for that one) and loved it. I wasn’t sure how he would handle it, possible heart attack from all the jolting…you know i’m super paranoid and ocd but he was in heaven. It was such a perfect day. Our trip was so great. If it hadn’t been for hitting the deer at 4 a.m. on the way home I would have to say that our trip was perfect. I guess that kept me alert in the wee hours. Go Akin family reunion 2007!! Woo hoo!!

California dreamin’

We went to California to visit Lee and Ginger and the Jacksons and had a great time. The beach was bitter cold but we still enjoyed being there. Dayne got slammed by a wave so our stay at the beach was cut short. Poor guy. I loved being with our family and miss them already.

Spooky Halloween

Halloween was a total blast. We started the day at Dallen and Hayden’s school parade. Dayne sported last years Spiderman but I was able to talk him into a costume change later for Trick or Treating. He was a great Batman and barely broke face the entire night. He was tough as can be. Bridget was our “Flower Power” and was so cute I could hardly stand it. Bri looked pretty dang hot in his Superman costume. I loved my Superwoman costume. It was awesome. I’m sad it’s another whole year before our next Halloween celebration.

Old Timers!!!

Happy Birthday Greg and Todd. The Big 30!!!

Play group!

We love getting together with the babes and having some girl time. It’s a crazy bunch but we love it.


Nothing makes me happier than these two kiddies. They are so cute together. I can hardly stand it. I am still going private, I am just waiting for a few more emails. I want anyone who wants to see updates to have a chance so I’m planning on doing it withing the next couple weeks. Plus it’s going to take some time to put in all the emails so I’m procrastinating as always, it’ll be a pain but worth it in the end.

Craft Night

The girls got together and made sparkly fall pumpkins. They are so cute. Thanks Kate for hosting such a fun night.