Birthday Bash!

Happy Bithday Britt. We love you! What a fun night, getting together to celebrate the best friend ever. It’s not going to be easy seeing her and Matt move away. We are all sick about it. Good luck! We love you both!!!


Em was on double duty with Jack and Adam. She was getting whipped around at the end of the train. Good thing she had a good grip on those babes.

This is Rome Engemann. He and Dayne are best buddies. They are out of control when they are together and run around, wrestle, laugh, play, make silly faces… it’s so fun

This was a fun outing. I love getting these kids together and seeing the crazy things they’ll do.

Going Private!

Hey there everyone. I want anyone who wants to view our blog to email me your email so I can get you on my list. I love looking at others blogs so don’t feel weird if it’s a little random. I am just trying to keep it a little more protected. These little faces remind me just how much I want to protect their little world and keep them as safe as possible. Email me at (I’m fully aware of the cheesiness of my email) Thanks a bunch!!


This is Peyton Rees (Ash Norton’s son) Dayne’s buddy. We were hanging out at Jenn Fossum’s (McQuarrie) house and they had so many fun and exciting things for the kids. This toy motorcycle for one, the ten horses for another not to mention the bunnies, dog, big backyard, playground…the list goes on and on. We had a blast. These boys have so much fun together fighting, playing sports, rescuing, running around… They are so fun.

My little Bridgy

Bridget is the happiest baby ever. She is always laughing and brightening up our day. We’re working on her sitting skills here. She is getting the hang of it. She doesn’t have the thighs like Dayne did to support her so she flops a lot more. She’d rather just chill and enjoy the show from the ground. As you can see here she is our little princess!

Our first day with Solid food!

Dayne was as eager as can be when it was time to start on solid foods. Bridget on the other hand isn’t so sure. Although Brian thinks diferently (I.E. tastes of gummi bear at 6 weeks which nearly choked her to death when she power sucked it in instead of just licking it, or ice cream tastes, little pieces of ice…the list goes on, he can’t help himself) she isn’t too fond of the rice cereal. We are getting better but as you can see from her expression (and the fact that it’s all over her from spitting it out) it isn’t quite hitting the spot. I guess it will have to grow on her

Once again Dayne in Character

He dresses up into about 20 characters a day. Sometimes it’s just a Mr. Potatohead mustache or glasses, sometimes it’s every costume item he can find. The glove is always a must whether it’s Brian’s ski glove or a sock. Anything will do but there needs to be a glove. He keeps me so entertained.

We love Grandad!

Dayne loves for Grandad to read to him. Nothing makes my dad happier than that as his famous phrase is “reading is the gateway to knowledge and knowledge is power” He’s still holding out for someone to pick up the fiddle and join his band (Ridin’ the Faultline, which performs at Joe Morley’s BBQ in Midvale on Friday nights and endless gigs everywhere else – shameless plug!) but maybe sharing his love for reading is the best he’s going to get with the grandkids. Who know!

Dayne and Miss Ivy LooHoo

Ivy came over and we were all rocking out to our favorite show Highschool Musical. I’d like to say they like it more than I do but I’d be lying. We were singing the songs and Dayne and Ivy were picking characters and acting out scenes (while destroying the house). Too much fun!

What time is it? It’s Summer time!

Here they are practicing the moves. So you think you can dance is just around the corner for these STARS!