Daddy time!

Bri gets malled when he gets home from work. The kids can’t wait to see him and don’t let him have a second to himself as you can see with all three of them stuffed in one chair. Hmmmm. Kind of like my entire day but man is it worth it.

Captain Dayne Martin

Every time I turn around Dayne is a new character. Most times he has his tough face on. He has a cold so he’s a little more pale and is looking extra scary!!

Can it get any cuter?

I have had so much fun dressing Bridget up all Girly. I think I looked like a little boy in my pictures when I was her age so I’m making up for it!!

A picture of US!

This is a picture of us so you know whose blog you are on. ha ha

Bridgy baby!

Bridget is the best baby ever. She is so smiley. We can’t keep from kissing those cheeks, they are delicious. We want to eat her up.

Cowboy Dayne

Dayne is being his favorite character Cowboy George (he came up with the name). No one takes being in character more serious than Dayne, he won’t break face for anything.

Pics of my boys!

Here is Dayne and Bri having fun at Zupas. Dayne is working on his silly faces.